Lincoln’s Proclamation




LINCOLN’S PROCLAMATION (Steve Poole 2021) Seedling MM-26-9 LA (JJ-16-7 ((I. Brevicaulis x Charlene Strawn) X Sib)) M 40”

  • Zig-zag stalk with two branches, plus spur, plus terminal.
  • Wide open to flat flower form.
  • Standards medium union blue, medium to dark red violet blaze in lower center.
  • Falls medium violet union blue with broad yellow/green fan signal surrounded by white dapples.
  • Style arms medium to dark red violet edged yellowish green.
  • Style crests violet union blue.
  • Grandma was a wild iris native to Southern Illinois.
  • Vigorous.
  • Fertile both ways.
  • 7+ buds.