2019 Greetings from Hillcrest Iris and Daylily Gardens!

A big thank you to all our customers who ordered iris from us in 2018. We purchased property in June of last summer 55 miles east of Dallas. The added bonus was that it came with a delightful country cottage. Approximately 18,000 named, numbered, and un-bloomed seedlings were moved between June 30, and October 31, 2018.

The new garden has sandy loam soil and the iris have made exceptional growth this past fall. The most welcome surprise came on January 1 when we discovered an exceptional IB space-age seedling blooming which also smelled like baby powder.

The daylily hybridization program will resume this spring. All selected daylily Tet seedlings were lined out and love the new soil too.

We want to thank all the American Iris Society Judges who gave our introductions various garden awards. Our Louisiana hybrid Watermelon Wizard was voted the Franklin Cook Cup at the AIS National Convention in New Orleans in April and was also voted #1 guest iris at the same event. Thank You!

This year you will see new introductions from Rodney Barton, Pat Norvell and Hooker and Bonnie Nichols released by Hillcrest Iris and Daylily Gardens. There will be spring daylily introductions from Hooker Nichols. There will also be Spring and Autumn Louisiana releases from Hillcrest Iris and Daylily Gardens.

The new garden will be open to the public during bloom season in April. Please call ahead to assure we will be at the garden when you are considering a visit during bloom season. It is an hour drive from Dallas to the new garden.

The very popular “Surprise Packages” will be available for Clubs and individuals again this year.

Happy gardening to each and every one this year.

Hooker and Bonnie Nichols
Hillcrest Iris and Daylily Gardens