Jerry’s Boutonniere




JERRY’S BOUTONNIERE (Poole 2023) LA 40″, L-VL, seedling QQ-8x-2 (Swirling Waters x MM-26-8 (JJ-16-7: (I. brevicaulis x Charlene Strawn) x sib). Sib to “Lakeland”.

  • Standards light yellow overlaid with light lilac-blue, medium to dark yellow signal, style arms medium to light yellow-white, light yellow ruffled/fringed crests.
  • Falls light yellow-white, light lilac blue wash on outer edges, dark yellow raised pubescent line signal.
  • Medium to small flower.
  • Flat form, heavily ruffled, heavy substance.
  • As the flower ages, the lilac-blue pigment disappears, leaving a light yellow-white flower.
  • Very wide zig-zag bloom stalk with 2-3 branches and 6-8 buds.
  • Compared to other Louisiana irises, this variety has shorter rhizomes (3”-4”), forming a much tighter clump.
  • Has been known to occasionally rebloom.
  • Great Grandma was a wild iris from Southern Illinois.
  • Fertile both ways.